EVPA Annual Conference 2019: Celebrating Impact

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Alliance magazine is proud to have been a media partner at this year’s EVPA Annual Conference in The Hague, The Netherlands. We’d like to thank the following contributors:

Andrew Milner Alliance magazine, Kirsten Ottens ING Netherlands foundation, Anne Holm Rannaleet IKARE Ltd, Jennifer Louie Nexus for Development

Faster, but still not fast enough

It’s notable that the range of EVPA’s activities has expanded from the early days. The opening video talked of investment mobilised for forests, for oceans, for democracy, in addition to more tangible mainstay issues such as housing and healthcare. Jamy Goewie spoke of the quest for peace and justice, Steven Serneels, of putting beneficiaries at the centre and of tackling the roots of problems, rather than just their symptoms. While all these things might have been implicit in EVPA’s previous work, they have seldom been stressed in this way.

Andrew Milner reports here…

Meet the five founders

EVPA publish charter to guide investors in growing impact space

The anniversary was marked by the launch ‘15 Years of Impact – Taking Stock and Looking Ahead’ which identifies different impact strategies and introduces the Charter of Investors for Impact, a living document consisting of ten driving principles distinguishing the DNA of investors for impact.

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Transparency is driving impact

The starkest contrast to other impact focused conferences was the level of transparency and evident commitment to sharing the best practices.

Jennifer Louie reports here…

Scaling investments: Small – Bigger – JUMP

What does it take to scale a social impact investment? Pretty much the same as it takes to scale any start-up company you have invested in!

Anne Holm Rannaleet reports here…

A spotlight on the dark side of passion

What role should impact investors play on the topic of wellbeing of social entrepreneurs? This was the question on our minds during a session at the annual conference of the European Venture Philanthropy Association in the Hague this week.

Kirsten Ottens reports here…

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Faster, but still not fast enough

Andrew Milner