Nordic Foundations Conference 2022

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Nordic Foundation Conference 2022 explored the role and opportunities for the Nordic Foundations, to leverage the Environment, Social, and Governance structures, in building a sustainable society.

What are some of the insights from foundations already working actively with the ESG agenda and what might we learn from them?

Look Up – Look North: Stepping up on ESG. Igniting the potential

Andrew Milner, Feature editor, Alliance magazine

In their annual conference in Copenhagen in November, the Nordic foundations grappled with the notion of ESG and what it means for their donations, their investments and their footprints. The grouping of the three may prove to a thorny problem for foundations. Specifically, there was more to say about the E (environmental) and the S (social) than the G (governance) which, despite efforts in the conference workshops to prove the contrary, emerged as the inconvenient extra.

Andrew Milner reports here…

Reader’s Poll Winner: Kone, Brita Maria Renlunds, and KR Foundations on how ESG can be done

Elika Roohi, Digital editor, Alliance magazine

‘The world is changing – and it’s changing fast. It’s no longer an option for us to look down or avert our eyes. We must look up, face the facts and take responsibility, together’: that was the call to action at the Nordic Foundations Conference, which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, last week and hosted attendees from across Scandinavia to explore what it means to step up on funding with an ESG lens.

Elika Roohi reports here…

It wasn’t rubbish at all

Heljä Franssila, Kone Foundation

‘When I was the speechwriter for the climate minister, all the speeches I wrote for the UN Climate Change Conferences sounded more or less the same: We have to act now. No more talk.’ This is how philosopher Kaspar Colling Nielsen started his speech for dinner guests at Copenhagen Contemporary, a cool contemporary art space on the island of Refshaleøen last Thursday.

Heljä Franssila reports here…

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Look Up – Look North: Stepping up on ESG. Igniting the potential

Andrew Milner