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In a world where the tumult of recent years has exposed a deep fault line running from the local community to a national sense of wellbeing and global connectivity, how does philanthropy decide on its priorities? Who receives that philanthropic support? And for what purpose? How does philanthropy best support and nurture, people, place and planet? 

These were the profound questions discussed at this year’s Philanthropy Australia National Conference 2022, which brought together philanthropists, sector leaders, academics, and international experts to help be more connected, better informed and inspire the next stage of philanthropy’s embrace of humanity, facing new and unique challenges.

Thinking beyond ourselves at Philanthropy Australia

Beth Breeze, University of Kent

‘It’s not like most conferences I’ve been to’ said Arminé Nalbandian, CEO of the Centre for Social Impact, speaking in her role as one of three Keynote Listeners who provided a meaningful voice for the 900-strong audience to complement that of the 20 speakers and 23 panellists. Keynote Listeners were just one of many refreshing innovations found at the Philanthropy Australia conference, held in Sydney on 7 and 8 September 2022, that are ripe for replication at other conferences seeking to refresh their offering.

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Investing with purpose for a better future

Amanda Miller OAM, Impact Generation Partners and Philanthropy Australia

The theme of the recent Philanthropy Australia conference was ‘For the Love of Humanity: People, Place and Planet.’ One topic on the agenda was the use by philanthropic organisations of not just grants, but also investments, in order to generate positive returns for people, place and planet.

As was highlighted in numerous sessions, investing with the intention of generating a social and/or environmental impact as well as a financial return is increasingly seen as both a responsibility and an opportunity for philanthropists, foundations and not for profit organisations: a responsibility to invest in line with their mission and purpose; and an opportunity to use all the tools in the toolbox, beyond grant making, to create change.

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Now is the right time to listen.

Adam Ognall, Philanthropy Australia

I didn’t anticipate that this would be my main takeaway from the Philanthropy Australia National Conference.

I came into Conference – standing on the hard work and vision of my colleagues – with a confidence that the 900+ participants would come away inspired and enriched. Ideally with an ambition to be a better version of whatever they seek as they engaged with our Conference theme ‘For a Love of Humanity: People, Place and Planet’.  I also hoped Conference would build further momentum towards Philanthropy Australia’s goal to double structured giving by 2030, especially as the Australian government has adopted this aim.

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Exploring power and risk at the Philanthropy Australia Conference

Tom Dawkins, StartSomeGood

It was great to be back in-person with the philanthropic sector for the Philanthropy Australia conference. Convenings like the Philanthropy Australia national conference are incredibly important for sharing learnings and building relationships, but effort needs to be taken that they don’t become an echo-chamber. Philanthropy Australia did a great job bringing diverse voices into the room, exploring why people give, how they give and what’s important to give to.

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