Reflections on 2013 GIIN Forum: grantmakers do have a role in the ‘ecosystem’

Heidi Hafes

As I approached the majestic Guildhall building in the heart of London’s financial district, I thought how apt a venue it was for this year’s Global Impact Investing Network Forum. A powerhouse dating back to the 12th century that fine-tuned the laws and trading regulations that helped create London’s wealth, now in 2013 Guildhall is acting as the melting pot for investors to find new ways to use their assets to create social and environmental value.

So what does a grantmaking foundation that tackles global development challenges, and measures their effectiveness on scale of impact have in common with investors that expect financial return? Well in fact there is a lot. The GIIN Forum was able to connect a wide range of stakeholders that are crucial to creating and scaling market-based solutions to major problems around the world.

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