Care is a very important word

Claudia Bollwinkel

Dreilinden’s Claudia Bollwinkel talks to Nino Ugrekhelidze and María Díaz Ezquerro of FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund about the importance of hearing and shifting power to the grassroots and the need for self and collective care

What does feminist philanthropy mean for you?

Nino: Feminist philanthropy for me is a very specific way of distributing funding according to the moral compass of feminist values and principles. The aim is to achieve transformative social change and social justice which requires an intersectional approach to challenging patriarchal, heteronormative, colonial and capitalist relationships.

It’s about decentralising power and giving it to grassroots activists, and being very flexible, caring, responsive and respectful of the experiences of the different constituencies and movements we try to support. It’s also about the ways of approaching the work, not simply giving money but asking what we can do to best support the social movement?

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