Not just a question of law

Jackson Otieno

The work of the East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative shows the need to adopt a context-driven approach to eliminating the persecution of same-sex conduct

Removing laws that criminalise same-sex conduct will eliminate the injustices against sexual and gender minorities, right? Yes and no. Such injustices also arise in countries like Rwanda and the DRC that have no laws prohibiting same-sex conduct. The diverse cultures and traditions of eastern African countries mean that a cookie-cutter approach simply won’t work. Within each jurisdiction, there needs to be carefully considered actions designed and executed in consultation with the communities most affected.

Decriminalisation in any case is not an end in itself but a vital means to an end. Campaigns to decriminalise same-sex conduct must include actions that reshape the way in which the general public view LGB persons.

Supporting community litigation campaigns

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