Reader survey: Philanthropy’s response to Covid-19

Alliance magazine

In October 2020, Alliance magazine conducted a survey to learn more about how the global philanthropy sector was reacting to Covid-19. We received 250 responses from readers in 59 countries around the world.*

In your opinion, since the onset of Covid-19, has the mental health and well-being of people in your organisation:
Become worse: 58%
Stayed the same: 34%
Improved: 13%

Have your funding priorities changed this year? Are you giving more to the following:
Health (including mental health): 39%
Gender equality: 28%
Racial justice: 19%
Climate change: 12%
Democracy education: 9%

Have you made more of your funding unrestricted?
Yes: 60%
No: 40%

On a scale from 1 – 5, is there more willingness to work with other foundations to combat this pandemic?
5 (Absolutely): 48.9%
4: 13.8%
3: 27.7%
2: 6.4%
1 (Definitely not): 3.2%

On a scale from 1 – 7, do you believe the crisis has made philanthropy more relevant to solving society’s problems?
7 (More relevant than ever): 32.4%
6: 18.5%
5: 19.4%
4: 15.7%
3: 6.5%
2: 5.6%
1 (Not relevant at all): 1.9%

*Read the full  analysis of the survey here.

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