Shifting the power in a feminist funding ecosystem

Kellea Miller

Rhetoric supporting women and girls is all very well, but it needs to be matched by a corresponding increase in funding for feminist movements

Feminist movements are blazing a path towards justice and creating feminist realities in every part of the world. The resources supporting these movements should be as significant and transformative as their organising.

Funders must use their power to resource feminist organising and create a feminist funding ecosystem.

Latest figures from Candid show that while 5 per cent of foundation giving in 2016 ($4.3 billion) identified ‘women and girls’ as a target population, just $492 million went to ‘women’s rights’. This means that only 11 per cent of funding for ‘women and girls’ (and 0.6 per cent of overall grants) is reaching rights-based organising led for and by communities themselves.

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