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Zion Lights

Extinction Rebellion is not just about saving what we can of the ecosystem, it’s about establishing a new order

When the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 1.5 Warming report was released in autumn 2018, for many of us the penny dropped. The data showed us that greenhouse gas emissions were rising, despite governments’ assurances that the issue was in hand. People rose up: Greta Thunberg’s weekly school strike hit international headlines, the school strikes began, and Extinction Rebellion (XR) declared rebellion in the UK’s Parliament Square. Suddenly, climate emergency was on the agenda.

This isn’t about ‘saving’ the world: we understand that some breakdown is now inevitable. This is about salvaging something. For young people, for future generations, for those creatures who have no voice.

XR worked hard to keep it there. We organised, we disrupted. We had done the research; had learned why some social movements had failed, and what the most effective had done to create change. We put this learning into action, with, amongst other things, a decentralised working system, a commitment to non-violence, a strong messaging strategy and a regenerative culture.

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