Types of philanthropy support

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The world of philanthropy support is increasingly multi-faceted. Philanthropy ‘infrastructure’ is something of a catch-all for a multiplicity of organizational forms and functions which defy easy categorization – an assortment of membership associations, research and advisory organizations, academic centres, think-tanks, tech platforms, and information providers, all reflecting the growth, proliferation and overlapping nature of philanthropy support. The examples below give a flavour of this variety

Data on foundations

Foundation Center, US

A leading repository of information on foundations which describes its mission as to ‘strengthen the social sector by advancing knowledge about philanthropy in the US and around the world’. The Foundation Center maintains extensive databases on grantmakers and their grants especially in the US foundation sector. It also conducts research and training, produces directories, research reports, and non-profit management and fundraising guides. Its publications include Foundation Directory and Philanthropy News Digest. 

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Pioneers of philanthropy support

Andrew Milner