What is diaspora?

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The word diaspora comes from the Greek words dia meaning ‘through’ or ‘over’ and speiro meaning ‘dispersal’ or ‘to sow’. Today’s diasporas live in a world which is now more globalized, interconnected and interdependent than ever before.

Below are two short vignettes to illustrate diaspora philanthropy in  Romania and Turkey.

Romanian diaspora philanthropy
In November 2017, 80 Romanians living and working in Brussels gathered to hear short presentations from three Romanian non-profits. These included Carusel, which works with the most vulnerable citizens in Ferentari, one of Bucharest’s poorest areas.

Romanians living in Brussels share their experiences. Photo credit: Catalin Motatu.

The event was organized by Cercul Donatorilor Bruxelles and the Brussels chapter of the Global Romanian Society of Young Professionals in cooperation with The Funding Network, a UK registered charity which organizes crowdfunding events. A total of €8,100 was raised overall from 71 donors.

One of the event organizers, Ioana Traista, commented: ‘It is amazing to feel that we are a community of Romanians, living in Brussels and Romania, that share the same values and want to go in the same direction.

‘It seems a small step, but it’s so huge for so many of us that are far away from home and trying to define our relationship with Romania – it is important to know they are not alone.’

A second event is planned for June 2018 and The Funding Network hopes that it can support other diaspora groups to establish their own donor circles using its model.

For more, visit http://www.thefundingnetwork.org.uk/events/romania/1549

New diaspora philanthropy to Turkey
Founded by a group of optimists in London passionate about giving back to Turkey to create positive social change, Turkey Mozaik Foundation combines professional and social experiences to form a grant-giving organization providing financial support to grassroots organizations.

Launch meeting of the Turkey Mozaik Foundation in London.

The foundation focuses on the participation and social welfare of vulnerable groups in society, mainly through the advancement of education, health, children’s and women’s rights, and environmental issues.

It supports local charities, civil society organizations and citizen initiatives that strive to empower local communities and help drive social change through innovative means with project and core funding grants.

For more, visit http://www.turkeymozaik.org.uk

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