Working together to make the difference

Ghislain Muhiwa

If foundations are to help bring about the meaningful changes that people in Africa want, they need to support social movements

For several years, rising injustice and social inequality have been the catalyst for social movements which aim to raise collective awareness and organise peaceful protests for fairer living conditions. At the same time, there is a multitude of foundations and philanthropic organisations dedicated to helping improve the living conditions of populations across the world. Too often, however, the activities of these two groups run along separate tracks. Can the two be brought to work together more closely?

In Africa, the last decade has seen the emergence of new forms of social expression highlighting the social and political demands of ordinary citizens for real change in the systems of governance of their countries. Through internet platforms, social movements have been created on the ground by young people indignant at their living conditions.

African youth organised in movements are bringing about real changes in their countries and making important differences in building the future of Africa.

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