Funding with a feminist lens: Neera Nundy, Dasra Co-founder

Private spending was up almost a quarter in India in 2020 – but where was it going?

To understand the funding landscape in India, we sat down with Neera Nundy, Co-founder of Dasra, the organisation working to develop the donor base there. Nundy spoke to us about funding with a Gender, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (GEDI) lens, broke down findings from the organisation’s annual funding report and talked about the strength of working at scale in India.

Elika Roohi: What began as a venture philanthropy fund two decades ago now is now an organisation that works on developing the donor base in India. How does Dasra build local infrastructure to facilitate strategic philanthropy?

Neera Nundy: What we’re trying to do now is start to build a community of givers. There’s very little data in India about how people give and what they give to. So, for the last 10, 11 years, we’ve put out the India philanthropy report. This year, our report really speaks to how Covid-19 was quite a moment for all of us in terms of philanthropy, but it was also a great equaliser. We want to take that opportunity, where you see families who engaged in a local way, to think about how they can engage in a long-term way.

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