Interview: Annie Chen, RS Group, Hong Kong

Annie Chen, Chair of RS Group, Hong Kong

At the forefront of the fast-developing social investment sector in Asia are organisations like RS Group. Neither a typical investment house, nor a typical philanthropic institution, yet it makes both grants and investments. At the recent AVPN Conference in Singapore, Alliance associate editor, Andrew Milner sat down with RS Group Founder and Chair, Annie Chen, and Tze-Wei Ng of Sustainable Finance Initiative, a new platform incubated by RS Group, to discuss their approach to putting wealth to work.

What is RS Group and what does it do?

RS Group is a midsized Hong Kong based family office. Ten years ago, there was a disaggregation of the family’s money and RS Group came from my share of the  I decided to invest sustainably and I built up a small team to help me do that. In a way, it’s not that different from what a lot of other family offices do – we manage our investments and we make some grants.

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