Forward-thinking is the way ahead

Curtis Kohlhaas

The expert insight into the current state of Muslim philanthropy, as interpreted in Tariq Cheema’s Muslim philanthropy at the crossroads (September 2018), accurately captured many of the opinions I heard at the recent Global Donors Forum in London. I have pondered one of Cheema’s diagnoses in particular, the need for a more anticipatory/preventative rather than reactive approach to Muslim philanthropy.

Though a small percentage of my organisation’s overall budget, Muslim philanthropy continues to play an important role in the success of our work. We see Muslim philanthropists looking past relief and aid-based assistance. Our partners have also been instrumental in helping us tackle terrible diseases such as trachoma and river blindness.

As Cheema points out, though Muslim donors are now often seen as leading the way in peace and health initiatives, there is vast room for improvement. The future of philanthropy is to get in front of issues before they become crises. My experience is that this global shift to prevention and innovation is happening in the area of Muslim philanthropy.

Thank you for publishing this valuable issue of Alliance magazine, Cheema’s analysis, and the profiles of key Muslim philanthropists.

Curtis Kohlhaas
Chief development officer,
The Carter Center

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