Trust-based philanthropy is a solution not a myth

Devon Kearney, Gary Shearer, Jo Davies and Steve Francis

One of the most heated debates so far this year came in response to criticism of trust-based philanthropy by Jacobs Foundation CEO Simon Sommer and a piece by Charles Keidan exploring the merits of Sommer’s article. Here is a selection of reader reactions as the debate unfolded online. 

‘I believe in trust-based philanthropy – but where the definition is a funder firstly doing their homework on the sector and context they fund, alongside sensible due diligence on organisations they partner with and support. Then it’s about building relationships and mutual trust over time, getting to know a partner and their work. Trust-based philanthropy for me means trusting a partner to know best how to spend a grant, but working with them to understand the reasons for the allocation of funds.’

Jo Davies

(previously CEO of a grant-making trust) 

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