April 2008

Philanthropy – whose vision?

Volume 13 , Number 1

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April 2008

Philanthropy – whose vision?

Volume 13 , Number 1

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The guest editor for this Alliance special feature is:
Barry Gaberman, who is Co-Chair of the Philanthropy Summit.

The special feature in this issue of Alliance brings together philanthropy and civil society leaders from around the world to reflect on the main themes of the US Council on Foundations’ ‘Philanthropy Summit’, to be held in May 2008 in Washington DC.

The special feature kicks off with an interview with Council President Steve Gunderson, plus comments on the interview from the leaders of philanthropy associations around the world. It includes an article based on the views of a group of young leaders about the key issues facing philanthropy. We also asked a panel of civil society leaders to consider the role they would like to see philanthropy playing in society. Finally, the special feature also includes a selection of op-ed pieces on philanthropy in society – by Joel Fleishman and William Schambra from the US; Marco Demarie from Italy; and Xu Yongguang from China.

Special feature

Leading gently towards the big global tent

1 April 2008
Barry Gaberman

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, there was in the United States a philanthropic explosion. Vast sums of private wealth were directed to the establishment of private independent foundations. Fast forward 100 years and you see the same thing happening at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. This time, however, there are important differences. The phenomenon is global and it is …


Philanthropy – whose vision?

The Council on Foundations, the US association of grantmakers, has decided to roll all three of its annual conferences into one big Philanthropy Summit this year. This is to be much more international than the Council’s usual meetings. As Council President Steve Gunderson points out in an interview for Alliance, with the growth of a global economy, ‘there is a parallel growth of global philanthropy’. It therefore seems ‘almost natural that any national conference on philanthropy would seek to broaden its substantive content and its international participation’ – to quote Barry Gaberman, who is guest editor for this issue of …


Measuring impact or performance? – Evaluation – no ‘right’ answer

Marc Pfitzer

As captured in the December issue of Alliance, many foundations are adapting their evaluation practice in order to understand how …

Measuring the effect of a single rain cloud

Alex Jacobs

I was delighted to see the reference to Mango’s ‘Who Counts?’ in Alliance‘s special feature on measuring impact last December …

From ‘why’ to ‘how’

Jeremy Nicholls & Peter Scholten

It is good to see that the debate is shifting away from ‘performance measurement is impossible’ (Alliance special feature on …

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