Africa Philanthropy Network: A new base for African philanthropy

The Africa Philanthropy Network is here! We are proud to usher in this new organization with new leadership: Bheki Moyo of Southern Africa Trust is at the helm, with Stigmata Tenga of the Foundation for Civil Society at his side. Other board members include Janet Mawiyoo (KCDF), Theo Sowa (AWDF) and Tendai Murisa (TrustAfrica).

Karen Shormeh Sai, the new executive director, joins the team with a wealth of experience gained over two decades – she has worked with the International Planned Parenthood Federation, United Way, microfinance organization FINCA, several grantmaking NGOs and numerous start-ups – and a commitment to Africa’s leadership in financing development on the continent.

Africa Philanthropy Network was formerly African Grantmakers Network, seen here at its AGM.

Africa Philanthropy Network was formerly African Grantmakers Network, seen here at its AGM.


The Africa Philanthropy Network was launched as the African Grantmakers Network in Accra, Ghana in July 2009 as a continent-wide network of African grantmaking organizations. The objective was to foster collaboration between established and emerging African philanthropic institutions to enable them to network and learn from each other.

Today APN stands at the brink of a new era in its life as a member-based continental philanthropy network redefining itself to represent all African philanthropy. By including individual, corporate and diaspora philanthropists, APN will substantially expand its mandate, programmatic parameters and membership base. In the next two years APN aims to become the go-to platform and base for African philanthropy.

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