Association of Small Foundations – Professional Development 2014 – new initiatives, wider audiences

The Association of Small Foundations recently released a 10-Minute Impact Assessment as part of its ‘Getting to Impact’ initiative, a focused effort to understand philanthropy’s path to impact. Created with generous support from the Coleman Foundation, it includes a self-assessment tool and accompanying guide, and is the latest in ASF’s series of resources aimed at making achieving impact more accessible for philanthropists with few or no staff.

The straightforward 10-Minute Impact Assessment is written for individuals and organizations asking ‘is our giving making a difference?’ and ‘how can we achieve more?’ The tool:
• offers a five-part framework for discussing impact: thinking about impact, focusing your impact, planning for impact, learning about your impact, and amplifying your impact;
• helps identify areas of strength and opportunities for increasing impact;
• gives tips and resources to strengthen specific areas in the journey towards greater impact.

Increasing philanthropic impact may or may not be a linear process. Some funders will move quite intuitively from one part of the framework to the next, whereas others will make progress on multiple parts at the same time. But however a funder chooses to move through the spectrum, the goal is to deliberately engage in practices that will help to increase impact over time.

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