Bringing Indian foundations and governments closer  

Today, there are more and more non-profits, government agencies, philanthropic institutions and businesses addressing a range of critical social problems across the globe. However, the potential of collaborations between these stakeholders remains underutilized.  

In India, the sheer scale and complexity of the country’s development challenges make collaboration both useful and timely. A collaborative approach is urgently needed to complement the strengths of a number of important players in the development space, including two of the largest and most influential ones – governments and foundations. 

As part of a multi-country research series, Dasra, in partnership with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published a study entitled Bringing foundations and governments closer with insights and perspectives from the Indian market. 

This study outlines the current state of foundation-government collaborations in India. It aims to provide a clear understanding of how these influential actors can move forward together to improve development outcomes in the country.

To that end, it highlights the need for concrete solutions that will help foundations and governments to engage more with each other, collaborate in the best possible ways and build awareness of each other’s value added, as well as of the challenges of partnership.   

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