Cemefi: Mexican Center For Philanthropy

Mexican Center for Philanthropy´s XI Donors’ Meeting
What is the role of grantmakers in building and facilitating effective partnerships that can respond to current challenges? And how do foundations and grantmaker collaboratives help maximize the impact of their grants and find innovative solutions?

These were the two main questions running throughout the Center for Mexican Philanthropy’s (Cemefi) XI Donors’ Meeting on ‘Synergies for social impact’. The first plenary focused on the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals and their relationship to donors’ work, as well as other current challenges in Mexico. Representatives of UN and other international cooperation agencies participated along with social researchers specializing in Mexican philanthropy.

Small group discussions were later fed back to all delegates.

Small group discussions were later fed back to all delegates.


The second full session concentrated on practitioner experiences. Several examples of foundation partnerships were presented, highlighting their experiences in creating synergies, and how these led to better results or impact.

To complete the meeting, new tools were presented: a proposal for social bonds; the UBS Philanthropy Compass; and Cemefi’s new online Social Investment Portfolios. This new tool enables foundations and corporations wishing to support civil society organizations to search for those projects most appropriate to their interests. All projects will comply with accountability and transparency standards as assured by Cemefi´s Institutionalism and Transparency Accreditation.

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