CIVICUS: Civil society data development for the UN’s global goals

Better data is fundamental to the full implementation and review of the UN’s global goals. To assist the UN in this endeavour, a number of cross‑sector initiatives use modern statistical systems and bespoke metrics to measure progress towards the achievement of the 17 goals and 169 targets. 

As part of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, CIVICUS is working with a network of governments, civil society organizations and businesses to develop methodologies and reporting practices to holistically monitor the impact of the global goals against social, environ-mental and economic aims. To complement this work, in 2014 CIVICUS and partners launched the multi‑stakeholder initiative, the Data Shift, which helps citizens leverage technology and civil society expertise to participate in the monitoring of local, national and international sustainable development programmes.



The role of civil society is essential for both of these initiatives. Given the breadth of the policy areas embedded in the global goals, citizens and civil society organizations are uniquely placed to fill in data gaps and provide capacity for real-time reporting of goal implementation.

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