CIVICUS – New report shows civil society through the eyes of civil society actors

The CIVICUS State of Civil Society 2011 report captures the current status of civil society actors, issues and engagements through the words and eyes of civil society itself. With Time magazine declaring ‘The Protestor’ person of the year for 2011, there is renewed interest in trying to understand the multiple forms of activism, participation, protest and engagement that characterize civil society.

The first report about civil society by civil society during a time of great transformation and challenge, the report draws on the views of CIVICUS members, partners and networks to offer an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the state of civil society today. Key themes include civil society space, citizen activism, civil society resourcing, civil society’s role in global governance, and civil society and disaster response.

Using information collected at a time when CSOs and communities are mobilizing in new ways and engaging in novel forms of activism, the report – the first of what will be an annual series – serves as a comprehensive resource for policymakers, activists and CSOs on global civil society trends, issues and engagements, and seeks to increase awareness on civil society’s vital and changing roles globally.

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