Council on Foundations – Council launches new associate member category

In recognition of the diversity, growth and inter-connectedness of the philanthropic field, both within the US and around the world, the Council of Foundation’s board of directors approved a new category of associate membership in March 2007.

The new category includes five groups: membership organizations such as regional and national associations as well as affinity groups; non-traditional philanthropic entities such as giving circles and venture philanthropy groups; non-profit service and support organizations/entities such as academic programmes and other non-profits serving the non-profit/philanthropy sectors; for-profit service and support entities like law firms, financial advisers, consulting firms and vendors to the philanthropic field; and banks or trust companies. The eligibility criteria, services, and dues structure of the new associate membership category are being developed and will be announced in due course.

An ‘Initiative for the Americas’

The Council and Hispanics in Philanthropy are collaborating on an ‘Initiative for the Americas’ to promote philanthropy in Latin America and to strengthen philanthropic ties between US Hispanics and the region. The expansion of democracy and civil society in Latin America, the widening disparity between rich and poor in the region, and migration are among the issues that form the backdrop to this initiative. As a starting point, a study has been commissioned of philanthropic initiatives and networks in Latin America and in Caribbean and US Hispanic communities to ensure that the initiative builds on what already exists.

Finally, building an agenda for philanthropy in rural areas will be the focus of a Council meeting on 7-9 August 2007 in Missoula, Montana. The goal is to create a strategic blueprint for how philanthropy might work with the public and private sectors to address rural needs through innovation and leveraging of resources.

Council on Foundations
Director, International Programs: Rob Buchanan
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