Economic crisis requires greater solidarity from Mexican businesses

‘The private sector must avoid cuts in funding for philanthropy, since being in solidarity is what is most required in these times of economic crisis.’ Thus ran a statement by the board of directors of the Fundación del Empresariado en México (Businesspersons Foundation of Mexico – Fundemex) at a public meeting on 15 October to show the results of Fundemex’s work. Companies, said Fundemex’s directors, have a great responsibility in the struggle against inequality in a country where the level of poverty ‘is shameful’.

General manager Alfonso Avalos said that 47 per cent of Mexicans live at the poverty level. He reported that 50,000 companies collaborate with Fundemex and in 2007 gave more than 116,000 donations totalling USD 2.6 million. Eighty per cent of the donations are for local projects to improve the quality of life of the population and the remaining 20 per cent are earmarked for a solidarity fund for the most marginalized areas, such as Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca.

The donations sustain 18 projects in 11 states in the country and scholarships at 32 state entities for promising Conalep students with scant resources.

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