EFC: European foundations do their homework on evaluation

The EFC and Fondazione Cariplo joined together for the third consecutive year in organizing the European Learning Lab series in Milan. Based on the assumption that foundations work better when they embrace a culture of learning and have a sincere commitment and attention to human resources, the Lab brought together the same group of 33 foundation staff twice over the course of five months to discuss the value of evaluating.

EFC learning labSimilar to its predecessors, the 2012 Learning Lab challenged those present to learn from within – to take their tacit knowledge and experiences and share this with their 32 fellow classmates. It was not a traditional training in the sense that expertise moved solely from trainer to participant. In the Lab environment, it is rather the class that are the ‘experts’, as they come already well equipped with lessons learned and stories to share.

Guest speakers, a skilled moderator and even homework assignments provided structure to the experience (while the required dress code of lab coats provided a bit of fun), but ultimately it was the task of the 33 in the class to create their own knowledge and use this as a means to grow as professionals.

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