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The EFC has addressed the issue of human trafficking in recent weeks through a newly developed policy initiative, Policy Par Là (a policy insight series) and through its blog ‘EFC … in dialogue’.

Both platforms demonstrate the EFC’s development of its policy voice and capability and are intended to be provocative and stimulating. Each Policy Par Là session is opened by an expert (in this case, a senior Belgian police officer with responsibility for human trafficking), whose in-depth knowledge sets the scene. An ‘agent provocateur’ then stimulates the debate, engaging participants in lively discussion, confronting us with difficult questions, and challenging us on generally accepted ways of thinking about an issue. ‘EFC … in dialogue’ is a new blog dedicated to creating thoughtful, challenging and reflective contributions from a range of sectors, individuals and perspectives.

By taking on issues in this manner, the EFC is reflecting on policy, how it is made, its purpose and basis – all of which are often viewed from the perspective of the policymaker. Through these and other activities, the EFC aims to provide a space and opportunity to debunk myth and legend on all policy matters: in short, to help to frame an approach to policymaking that is fit for our times, even if some of the subject matter – such as human trafficking – is anything but that.

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Winter issue of Effect focuses on foundation endowments

16 effectcover 2The Rockefeller Brothers Fund has announced a landmark decision to divest from fossil fuels. Commentators claim this has raised the bar for the foundation sector in terms of coherence and transparency; others see it as a matter of scale, longevity and legacy. Will other foundations follow and align asset management with their missions? The Winter issue of Effect will investigate the transparency and ethical standards of foundations’ investments, while questioning whether it is possible for a foundation to preserve its endowment and remain entirely true to its philanthropic mission.

Also in this issue, the latest news from the EFC community, a special feature on the importance of investing in staff training and a report on the ‘housing scandal’ in Europe, where, as winter approaches, more than 4 million people do not have access to a home, while more than 11 million properties lie empty.

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