Forum to foster integrated community care in Europe and beyond 

Today, healthcare systems are fragmented and disease-centred, difficult to navigate and do not consider the person as a whole. Integrated community care seeks to empower and engage people as co-producers of care within inter-sectoral and inter-professional partnerships. Its purpose is to improve quality of care and quality of life to vulnerable individuals and communities.  

The focus of the Transnational Forum on Integrated Community Care (TransForm) is different to the most common interpretations placed on integrated care (ie integration of health and social care provision).

TransForm seeks to examine how co-productive partnerships that empower people in local communities can be developed through cross-sectoral collaborations.

The overarching aim of the forum is to trigger the interest of and inspire policy-makers and practitioners to foster integrated community care.

The ultimate goal is to mobilize change at policy and practice level.  

To achieve its aim, TransForm will engage policymakers, practitioners and key stakeholders in a knowledge generation and sharing of case studies that will inform and hopefully bring about change in the national health policy agenda.

The project will produce a mapping of promising practice and a series of conferences and visits in Europe and beyond.  

Seven foundations are involved in the forum, hosted by the Network of European Foundations: Compagnia di San Paolo, La Caixa Foundation, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Fondation de France, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Graham Boeckh Foundation and King Baudouin Foundation.

The International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) will provide content and management support to the project. 

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