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The Foundation Center and the Open Society Foundations have launched the web portal to facilitate engagement, collaboration and strategic decision-making among funders, non-profits and policymakers working to promote positive outcomes for black men and boys in America. supports those working to reverse the damage done by years of systemic injustice by providing access to a variety of knowledge resources, including:

  • a mapping tool that fosters collaboration by showing who is funding what programme and where;
  • a timeline of philanthropic milestones that sheds light on the history of the field;
  • an ‘Outcomes Toolkit’ that points users to key measures that will help them assess the impact of their work; and
  • a comprehensive collection of research reports and case studies of work on the ground that highlight innovation and lessons learned.

At, visitors can sign up for email updates to learn about news and events related to black male achievement, as well as submitting grants data, case studies and philanthropic milestones. Updates are also available on Twitter at @BMAfunders.

The portal builds on the groundbreaking 2012 report, Where Do We Go From Here? Philanthropic support for black men and boys, which examines foundation funding flows in support of black men and boys and highlights innovative philanthropic initiatives. also adds to the Foundation Center’s growing portfolio of online, interactive knowledge tools, which are part of a broader effort to help funders do their work more efficiently and effectively.

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