Foundation Center – Redesigned Glasspockets website features improved transparency resources

The Foundation Center has launched a new version of, a website that is home to the organization’s efforts to encourage greater foundation transparency.

Glasspockets‘In a field where fewer than 10 per cent of foundations have their own websites, it is important to provide tools that help foundations tackle transparency in an online world,’ said Janet Camarena, director of the Foundation Center’s San Francisco office and Glasspockets project leader. ‘With the redesign of Glasspockets, it’s easier than ever for foundations to understand the power transparency has to increase effectiveness.’

Features of the redesigned site include:

•    ‘Who Has Glass Pockets?’ An interactive collection of profiles that showcase the online transparency and accountability practices of more than 50 of the largest US foundations; profiles can be used to benchmark one’s own foundation and identify ways to be even more open.
•    Foundation Transparency 2.0, which lets visitors explore the online communications tools that foundations are using every day.
•    The Reporting Commitment, which allows users to track grants information from America’s leading foundations in near-real-time.
•    Eye on the Giving Pledge, which offers an in-depth picture of how more than 100 of the world’s billionaires are participating in the Giving Pledge.

The new Glasspockets website is further enriched by voices from the field and practical actions any foundation can adopt. Knowledge tools – including a new video, a GrantCraft guide, step-by-step approach to transparency, FAQ sections, webinars, a ‘Heat Map’ index, and the Transparency Talk blog – help foundations learn from each other and translate ‘openness’ from a mindset to an everyday practice.

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