GIFE – Online platform unites Brazilian philanthropists

In June, GIFE (Group of Institutes, Foundations and Enterprises) held its first-ever web conference to bring together the most prominent philanthropy groups in Brazil. Also used as a training tool, these online meetings seek to overcome the geographical divides that separate foundation and other non-profit professionals from each other.

‘Variable Compensation in Non-profit Organizations’ was the first in a series of virtual meetings that GIFE is coordinating as it expands its operations in Brazil. At the event, participants discussed the legitimacy of financially rewarding the performance of employees of social organizations.

‘It’s impossible to develop a relevant, legitimate and diverse sector without creating instruments that facilitate rapid exchanges of thoughts and ideas among the main actors,’ explained GIFE’s Secretary-General, Fernando Rossetti. He added: ‘Besides disseminating the ideas produced by the group and facilitating participation of associates from around the country, this new meeting format is in line with the strategies of our Private Social Investment Vision for 2020.’

With most private social investment concentrated in the south-east and south of the country, and focused on a few thematic areas, it is critical for GIFE to diversify the Brazilian philanthropy sector. The challenge is to develop strategies that are better suited to the realities of the country.

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