Grantmakers without borders – Gw/oB’s annual conference on social change giving to convene in New York

Grantmakers Without Borders will convene its 7th annual conference in New York City from 7 to 9 June. The focus of the conference will once again be on social change giving, this year stressing issues of grantmaking practice: the nature of relationships between grantmakers, grantees and beneficiary communities; how the business of grantmaking is carried out; and the grantmaking institution’s internal policies.

Conference sessions will include:
· Microcredit: A Debate Microcredit continues to attract publicity as the preferred strategy of the moment for poverty reduction. But what has the record of microcredit been? What has it actually accomplished, where has it failed, and what does this mean for grantmakers interested in supporting this strategy?
· Exit strategies How does a grantmaker determine when it’s the right time to end a funding relationship, and how can terminating a relationship be conducted with as little negative impact on the grantee as possible?
· Money and Movements for Women’s Rights What is the status of funding for the global women’s rights movement, and where can funders have the most impact in fostering the well-being of women globally?
· The Arts and Social Change How can culture and the arts be used to engender long-term social change?

Additional highlights of the conference will include a special track for individual donors, a day-long meeting of grantmakers who work in Mesoamerica, and plenty of networking time.

The conference is open to representatives from grantmaking entities from around the world as well as to philanthropic support groups and individual donors with a significant commitment to the global South. Registration will begin in March.

Grantmakers Without Borders
Executive Director: John Harvey
T +1 617 794 2253

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