NEF – EPIM: ten years of promoting constructive approaches to migration in Europe

This year the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) celebrates ten years of collaboration among 18 European foundations working to strengthen the role of civil society in advocating constructive approaches to migration in Europe.

A NEF initiative, the programme has reacted to a shift of emphasis in the area of migration and integration policies from national to EU level. Today, EPIM follows an established, impact-driven funding strategy. Grantmaking, networking and capacity-building efforts have developed strong voices for civil society at EU policy level.

Network of European Foundations

Network of European Foundations


However, sustainable impact at this level can be achieved only through collaboration – not just providing pooled funding but also drawing on the experiences of diverse foundations.

Looking forward, EPIM seeks to further strengthen its capacity in order to attract more independent funding for EU-level advocacy. It is piloting two sub-funds in 2015 to test new models of joint funding: a targeted call for proposals in the area of immigration detention, and a one-year convening of experts from civil society organizations, encouraging the development of ideas for a more progressive but realistic EU policy on asylum and international protection.

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