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That non-profit organizations have a distinctive economic structure that is generally much more labour-intensive than that of for-profit corporations – as reflected in the fact that they spend more than twice as much on labour costs as for-profit corporations.
Data from four countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, the US) shows that, on average, labour costs account for 66 per cent of non-profit expenditures compared to 27 per cent for non-financial for-profit corporations, and this does not even include the striking 44 per cent of the non-profit workforce that is made up of volunteers.
Labour costs as a share of expenditures of non-profit and non-financial for-profit organizations in four countries*
Non-profits: 66%
For-profits: 27%
* Belgium, Czech Republic, France, US. Does not include volunteer labour. 
Salamon et al (2007) Measuring Civil Society and Volunteering: Initial Findings from Implementation of the UN Handbook on Nonprofit Institutions Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies.
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