New findings from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies

Did you know … While 80-90 per cent of US non-profits are reporting investment capital needs, less than 40 per cent report success in meeting these needs (for revenue to finance facilities, equipment, and strategic plans expected to last more than a year), according to a recent survey by the Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Listening Post Project.

Most organizations (94-99 per cent) report either a complete lack of knowledge or considerable difficulty in accessing the most significant sources of investment capital, such as pension funds and insurance companies. This leaves a fairly narrow window of capital sources open to non-profit organizations and threatens their ability to retain their role in the increasingly competitive environments in which they operate.

The Johns Hopkins Listening Post Project

For more information
See Lester M Salamon, Investment Capital: The new challenge for American nonprofits, Johns Hopkins Listening Post Project Communiqué No 5. Full text available at

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