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Employment in the US non-profit sector has been growing faster than employment in the economy as a whole, according to a new report by the Nonprofit Employment Data Project at the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies.

Between 2002 and 2004, the non-profit workforce, including paid and volunteer workers, grew by 5.3 per cent, with both the paid and volunteer portions of the workforce growing by more than 5 per cent. By contrast, overall employment in the US economy declined by 0.2 per cent during the same period. The non-profit workforce, including volunteers, now represents 10.5 per cent of the country’s total workforce, a larger share than the utility, wholesale trade and construction industries combined. At the same time, the US non-profit workforce still lags behind that in a number of other developed countries, such as Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland, as a share of the total workforce.

The Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Employment Data Project and Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project.

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See Lester M Salamon and W Wojciech Sokolowski (December 2006) Employment in America’s Charities: A profile (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies).
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