New initiatives to encourage and chart CSR in Latin America

Revista Mercado (Market Magazine), a leading Argentine business sector publication, is to carry out a large-scale research project on the breadth of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices in Argentina, their scope and content, perspectives for the future, and how other companies can replicate this practice. This year, Revista Mercado is generating a baseline for the study, which will take place annually, drawn from the annual reports of companies with developed CSR practices. Evaluation criteria have been established, and ten reports deserving special assessment noted, with a detailed list of the reasons behind this valuation and the parameters on which they were based.

Meantime, in another advance for CSR in the region, Voluntare, the first international network to encourage corporate volunteering in Latin America, has been set up with the aim of identifying innovative models in this area. The network provides a source of knowledge for all organizations and individuals interested in corporate volunteering.  Its website compiles reference information such as reports, documents, good practices and relevant news. Founder members of the network include Fundación Telefónica, Endesa, Unilever, KPMG, Fundación Bip Bip, Fundación CODESPA, Fundar, Forum Empresa (Company Forum) and Fundación Corresponsables (Co-responsible Foundation).

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