NPP to launch two new initiatives in China

Non-Profit Partners (NPP), a Chinese consultancy to the philanthropic and non-profit sectors, is to launch two initiatives this year in pursuit of its goal of strengthening the country’s non-profit sector. First, it is to launch the China Philanthropy Leaders Network (CPLN), a group of wealthy and influential Chinese dedicated to the adoption and practice of strategic philanthropy in China. Second, it will develop the Global Best Practices Initiative (GBPI), whose aim is to provide assistance and training to the Ministry of Civil Affairs as they work to draft China’s Philanthropy Law.

NPP was established in 2006 on the back of a McKinsey study which found that the development of the sector was crucial to China’s sustained growth and stability – its founder, Mark Yu-Ting Chen, is a Senior Adviser at McKinsey and led the study. To date it has launched what it describes as a GuideStar-like website and helped to develop NPO accounting and evaluation standards. The website already lists 600 plus organizations and over 60 of these provide regular and detailed updates. It has also provided professional support and consulting to promising NPOs through its i-Partners, skilled volunteers from multinational firms in China, including McKinsey, Deloitte, Ogilvy & Mather, Jun He Law, Novartis and Motorola.

Crucially, the organization is also well connected with both business and government circles. It has among its board and advisers some of the country’s most influential business leaders in China, as well as people with professional positions and family relationships at the highest level of China’s government.

Also this year, NPP will change its name from Non-Profit Partners to New Philanthropy Partners to reflect the organization’s new focus and the wider scope of its activities.

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