Obituaries – Joe Breiteneicher

Another sad loss to the philanthropic world in June was Joe Breiteneicher, President and CEO of The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI), aged 62. He joined TPI in 1990 and crafted and facilitated planning initiatives for donors who were developing or revitalizing the mission, focus and approach of their philanthropic pursuits. He was also adviser to the Melville Charitable Trust, a family foundation that focuses on eliminating homelessness in America, and was actively involved in TPI’s efforts to encourage new philanthropy globally. ‘Joe was a vigorous and inspiring leader of change in our field,’ says the obituary on the TPI website, written by his TPI colleagues. ‘He taught us new and innovative thinking and creative, result-oriented strategies. But for a man of such profound thought, Joe had no timidity about action. [He] felt the urgency of social and economic injustice deeply and wasted no time in attacking problems where he saw them.’

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