Sixty-six per cent of Mexicans perform actions of solidarity

Research to measure the degree of citizen participation and volunteer work in Mexico reveals that 66 per cent of people perform actions of solidarity. A great majority of people act independently, even though more civil society organizations have come into existence over the last 10 years than over the last 100.

Results of the study, which was organized by the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (Mexican Center for Philanthropy – CEMEFI) and included 1,500 surveys, 15 case studies and 66 in-depth interviews, was reflected in the recently published book entitled Solidarity in Mexico: Citizen participation and volunteering. Participants included the Colegio de México (College of Mexico), Instituto de Investigación Dr José María Luis Morathe (Dr José María Luis Mora Research Institute) and Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (Monterrey Technology Institute).

The significant number of individual actions of solidarity suggests that Mexicans do not completely trust certain organizations. According to researchers, this fact shows the need for organizations to improve their professionalism. In addition, the researchers proved that ‘there is little information on voluntary activities, regarding its place in society and in the development of the country’. The authors of the publication said that the results of the study can contribute to the design of public policies and that ‘it is a study that is beginning, that opens doors’.

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