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Effectively engaging corporationsTo support WINGS members’ work in engaging corporations and to systematize and strengthen their efforts, WINGS held one global and three regional peer learning events in 2009 and 2010 to capture practices, experiences and lessons learned in working with corporations. These were held in Mexico, Hong Kong, Bratislava (Slovak Republic) and São Paulo.

WINGS is now producing a primer to serve as resource material on the basics that grantmaker associations and support organizations should consider in pursuing partnerships with corporations and in promoting corporate giving.

Organizational sustainability – WINGS members’ experiences in making themselves sustainable have been shared and analysed in two peer learning events on sustainability. WINGS is now producing a resource book to provide practical tips on organizational sustainability, based on participants’ stories. In addition to ideas and insights emanating from members’ experiences, the resource book will provide some tools for assessing their organizations’ status on the various dimensions of sustainability and thereby assist them in their sustainability planning activities.

Community foundation benchmarking – From late 2009 until September 2010 WINGS gathered data on the practice of community foundation benchmarking and certification (ie different ways in which community foundations measure their performance). This may be in the form of guidelines, principles, standards, assessment criteria, etc in areas such as governance, resource development, grantmaking and community leadership, such as the National Standards for US Community Foundations. This was primarily a review of secondary materials but it also included web-based research and email interviews of key informants among the WINGS network. WINGS believes that making such resources more widely available among WINGS network participants across the world will help in developing and improving the practices of community foundations worldwide.

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