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Latin America

Community philanthropy – the best hope for women’s rights in Nepal…and for all of us

Rita Thapa 31 July 2019

PSJP’s recently published paper on Individual giving in India, Russia, the Arab region and Brazil is a timely reflection for us in Nepal. Individual giving has always been a part of Nepali communities mainly through our religious …

Core and Cornell partnership to improve food security in Latin America

Alliance magazine 18 July 2019

Cornell University and the Core Foundation have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to explore new ways to promote food security and agricultural innovation in Peru and across Latin America. The five-year agreement signed in June …

Buen vivir as a pathway to durable peace and a healthy planet

1 Katherine Zavala 2 June 2019

An Indigenous idea helps redefine how we care for each other and Mother Earth. ‘Everyone can conjure up what ‘buen vivir’ means to them. An equilibrium between humanity and environment is something everyone can work …

The looming threat of authoritarianism in Latin America: reflections from #LeadingTogether2019

Marco A. Blanco 7 May 2019

To inaugurate the Leading Together Conference, Council on Foundations hosted the Global Philanthropy Dinner on Sunday 29 May, which featured a timely discussion on the looming threat of authoritarianism in Latin America. A few days …

Status quo is not an option: creating the networks we need for the 21st century

James Magowan 4 May 2019

The status quo is not an option. Philanthropy Support Organisations (foundation member associations, networks, and advisory services) will have to adapt their form and function – even ‘re-invent themselves’ if they are to remain relevant …