July 2020 – How will the study of philanthropy contribute to social impact?

Alliance magazine and the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP) at the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School, together hosted a webinar on understanding and improving the global practise of philanthropy.

June 2020 – Social movements

Alliance magazine hosted a webinar to facilitate an in-depth conversation on social movements philanthropy with the new issue’s three guest editors: Halima Mahomed, Romy Kraemer and Graciela Hopstein.

November 2019 – 10 years of the World Giving Index

Alliance, WINGS and CAF discuss the World Giving Index and a decade’s worth of data which has strengthened the culture of giving. Hostted Andrew Milner, Associate Editor of Alliance magazine and joined by Susan Pinkney, Head of CAF Research and Insight, Clara Bosco, Senior Advisor on Civil Society Resourcing at Civicus and Paula Fabiani, CEO of IDIS.

February 2019 – How has philanthropy changed (or not) in emerging markets?

Alliance magazine and WINGS webinar on the development of philanthropy in emerging market economies. Hosted by Jenny Hodgson from the Global Fund for Community Foundations and joined by four guest speakers and leaders in the field, including:Lucia Dellagnelo, Head of the Centre of Innovation for Brazilian Education & president to the board of Instituto Comunitário Grande Florianópolis, Natalya Kaminarskaya, Director of Blagosfera, Pushpa Aman Singh, Founder and Chief Exectutive Officer at GuideStar, and Bhekinkosi Moyo Adjunct Professor at Wits Business School to establish a new Africa Centre for Philanthropy and Social Investment

July 2018 – #LiftUpPhilanthropy Webinar

Alliance magazine and global philanthropy infrastructure network WINGS teamed up to host a webinar, focusing on how to #LiftUpPhilanthropy. Joining WINGS executive director Benjamin Bellegy and Alliance editor Charles Keidan, were Yanni Peng in China, CEO of the Narada Foundation and Carl Manlan in Togo, COO of the Ecobank Foundation.

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