Editorial advisory board

Alliance’s editorial board is a group of around 30 prominent philanthropy practitioners worldwide. The board advises the editor, shares its expertise and networks, and contributes to the credibility of Alliance as a global philanthropy magazine and website. Current members include:

Akwasi Aidoo, Humanity United, US
Lucy Bernholz, Stanford University Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society
David Bonbright, Keystone, UK
Carola Carazzone, ASSIFERO, Italy
Maria Chertok, Charities Aid Foundation, Russia
Andre Degenszajn, Brazil
Chris Harris, Philanthropy consultant, US
John Harvey, Philanthropy consultant, US
Jenny Hodgson, Global Fund for Community Foundations, South Africa
Marcos Kisil, Founder, Institute for Development of Social Investment, Brazil
Barry Knight, CENTRIS, UK
Atallah Kuttab, SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory Services, Jordan
Peter Laugharn, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, US
Catherine Lennon, European Foundation Centre, Belgium
Penelope Lewis, Head of Global Foundations Program, World Bank
Halima Mahomed, Philanthropy consultant, South Africa
Janet Mawiyoo, Kenya Community Development Foundation, Kenya
Bhekinkosi Moyo, Southern Africa Trust, South Africa
Eva Rehse, Global Greengrants Fund, Europe
Tim Ogden, Philanthropy Action, US
Felicitas von Peter and Michael Alberg-Seberich, Active Philanthropy, Germany
Adam Pickering, International Policy, Charities Aid Foundation, UK
Natalie Ross, Council on Foundations, US
Lourdes Sanz, Cemefi, Mexico
Ingrid Srinath, Centre for Social Impact, Ashoka University India
Boris Strecansky, Centre for Philanthropy, Slovakia
Carolina Suarez, Association of Corporate and Family Foundations, Colombia
Volker Then, Centre for Social Investment, Heidelberg University, Germany
Tao Zse, China Foundation Centre, China                                                                                                                            Wang Zhenyao, Beijing Normal University, China