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Alliance magazine 27 September 2022

The exchange of information and ideas among philanthropists, NGO leaders, social investors, researchers and others working for social change worldwide is crucial to advancing civil society on a global level. In this spirit, Alliance is partnering with Stanford …

Integrating evidence and experience

Robbie Gregorowski, Zand Craig, Ly Nguyen and Savi Mull 26 September 2022

How a new approach to monitoring and evaluation can make sense of complex projects Building the foundation for results, sense-making and learning ‘Demonstrating real world impact can be an elusive holy grail for most NGO …

Porn is an un-recognised link in the harm chain of the commercial sex industry

Gail Dines 23 September 2022

There has been a highly successful public relations campaign by the porn industry to dissociate itself from other aspects of the commercial sex industry, especially trafficking and prostitution. The goal of creating this (false) distinction …

Giving Tuesday 2022

Alliance magazine 22 September 2022

Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 27)

Alliance magazine 22 September 2022

UNDP Business Call to Action Annual Forum

Alliance magazine 22 September 2022

Alliance event: Decolonising philanthropy

Amy McGoldrick 20 September 2022

Over the past few years, the term decolonising philanthropy has come to prominence. But what does it mean? Is it only applicable to those places where there is a legacy of European settlement imposed on …

Within our culture of violence, normalizing sex buying as freedom begs another look

2 Panagiota Caralis 16 September 2022

As millions of Ukrainian women and children are forced to flee their homes in hopes of surviving Russia’s war, they face another significant threat: men seeking to buy sex and the dangers of getting lured …

Caste Equity: An Intersectional Civil Rights Movement

Alliance magazine 14 September 2022

Decolonising the evidence for food systems

Lauren Baker 12 September 2022

The reasons for the breakdown of our food systems are complex and interlinked. Though exacerbated by present day conflicts, the current global food crisis is a product of how our food and agriculture systems have …