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The youngest are most at-risk: Early childhood development in complex crises

Alliance magazine 24 May 2022

Alliance magazine expands global philanthropy coverage with Regional Representatives

Alliance magazine 23 May 2022

Regional Representatives from the Arab Region, Latin America, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa have joined the Alliance magazine team, as a part of its goal to improve the globalisation of philanthropy coverage. Alliance eventually has …

We need to talk about failure in the social sector

Kyle Zimmer and Rohini Nilekani 20 May 2022

A lot of ink is spilled and awards are bestowed celebrating the success of the social sector – and there is much to celebrate. But the truth is, if innovation is essential to the ultimate …

Collaborating to transform philanthropic giving for neglected tropical diseases

Allison Morris 19 May 2022

Over the last decade, funders have embraced a wide range of approaches to maximize the impact of their resources. How can these strategies be applied to eliminating neglected tropical diseases? Collaborative philanthropy – bringing together …

Alliance digital event: Levelling the global playing field

Annmarie McQueen 17 May 2022

Sociologists have theorised that the best time to understand something is when it’s disrupted. So, what can we learn about the relationships in global philanthropy, following the disruption that years of health, justice, and climate …

Barriers and Opportunities – Exploring the Journeys of Women Leaders in Africa

Alliance magazine 9 May 2022

Call to funders: Support democracy by investing $6bn in feminist movements

Alliance magazine 7 May 2022

A new report from Shake the Table and The Bridgespan Group has highlighted the untapped potential of feminist movements, calling them ‘powerhouses for social change’. To support these movements, the report’s authors call on philanthropy …