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Supporting young people to reclaim the future

Next Generation Climate Board 11 May 2021

Bold and creative young climate activists lead transformations to combat the climate crisis: we need philanthropy to match this boldness and invest in us Our earth is borrowed from the next generation. We have to …

Persons with disabilities need to be included in the climate conversation

1 Peter Kostishack 3 May 2021

And how philanthropy can help make that happen Beyond the direct environmental and physical impacts of climate change, there are social, political, and cultural implications of a warming world. While rising sea levels, increased global …

How has global philanthropy changed month by month? Looking back at spring 2020

Social Innovation Exchange 30 April 2021

Throughout 2021, SIX will be sharing our tracking and interrogation of how the discourse around philanthropy has shifted, or not, after the profoundly impactful events of 2020. We are looking for themes that have been …

Are foundations willing to give up power?

Alliance magazine 27 April 2021 For Subscribers

‘In our society money brings power, and the power of philanthropy is just another aspect of that,’ reads the editorial to Alliance magazine’s September 2013 issue, ‘Philanthropy and Power’. Has anything changed since this issue …

ACF report: Covid-19 has set back foundations’ work on climate change

Elika Roohi 22 April 2021

An interim report on the progress of the UK climate philanthropy commitment has highlighted the need for foundations to accelerate efforts to fulfil their climate commitments, with many noting that the pandemic has slowed their …

How to safely engage children in virtual events

1 Hayley Roffey 18 April 2021

Those of us working in the charitable sector know an effective way to raise money for children’s charities is to share the stories of the children we serve: their experiences, the support they need to …

Interview: Alix Guerrier, CEO of GlobalGiving

Elika Roohi 13 April 2021 For Subscribers

GlobalGiving is an organisation that focuses on a bottom-up approach to aid and supporting grassroots charitable projects. We wanted to understand how the crises of the last year – health, justice, political, environmental – changed …

A call for coordination: philanthropy’s response to Covid-19, HIV, and systemic inequalities

John Barnes and Kali Lindsey 9 April 2021

The challenges presented by Covid-19 are not new to people living with, or at risk of HIV. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) and Black, Indigenous and people of Colour (BIPOC) communities in the …

Help! How do I convince funders to make endowment grants?

4 Regi 8 April 2021

Dear Regi,  I am an old timer in the foundation world, so I am intimately familiar with the inherent power imbalance in the funder-grantee relationship. I want to know how we can interest more foundations …

Future of Latin American philanthropy

Alliance magazine 6 April 2021