Opinion Sadaf Shallwani 11 August 2022

Solidarity over charity: Prioritising long-term shifts over band-aid responses

What has charitable giving achieved over the last few decades? It’s a question that implicates billions of dollars, millions of people, and countless hours of work and effort, yet the answer is frustrating: Modern charity …

Opinion Patricia McIlreavy 10 August 2022

Philanthropy can’t wait any longer, it needs to decolonise aid now

Every sector grapples with its own issues and challenges, often publicly and not always productively. Despite commonalities in purpose, principles and values among its many actors, the international humanitarian sector is no different. For more …

Analysis Cristal Campillay Alarcón and Paula Riedemann Fuentes 9 August 2022 For Subscribers

Decolonising ourselves to decolonise philanthropy

On situated knowledge, locus of enunciation, and other migrations – the story of Spain’s Calala Fondo de Mujeres We are a group of diverse women who understand ourselves as a mixed foundation. We are natives …

Opinion Halima Mahomed and Ndana Bofu-Tawamba 9 August 2022

Centring pan-African philanthropies amid the shifting global socio-political and economic order

There is no question that we are living in unprecedented times. The past three years, marked by the onset of Covid-19, were an era on its own. While a global challenge, the notion of the …

Conference Alliance magazine 8 August 2022

Beacon Philanthropy & Social Investment Forum

News Alliance magazine 8 August 2022

Research: Generosity of Black donors can play ‘major role’ in addressing social justice

A new report examines the patterns and motivations for giving by Black donors in the UK. Britain’s first-ever report on Black philanthropy and charitable giving reflects the voices of people of colour in the UK …

News Alliance magazine 7 August 2022

Grant from Inter-American Foundation will support civil society infrastructure in Latin America

The Inter-American Foundation is prioritising civic engagement, human rights, and community resource mobilisation in Latin America with a grant to Federación Red Argentina para la Cooperación Internacional (RACI). ‘Restrictions to civil society and civic engagement …

News Alliance magazine 6 August 2022

Sri Lanka crisis: Philanthropies stepping up but more needed urgently, says UN

People in Sri Lanka have been struggling with daily power cuts, inflation of more than 50 per cent, and shortages of basics, such as fuel, food, and medicines. These crises led to widespread protests in …

Opinion Devon Kearney 5 August 2022

How to do philanthropy strategically in a messy world

I muttered and cursed on the subway the first time I read Paul Brest’s The Power of Theories of Change. It was the heyday of the Strategic Philanthropy movement, talk of measuring impact was everywhere, …

News Alliance magazine 4 August 2022

Cambridge study: Strategic philanthropy doing well in Saudi Arabia

Giving in Saudi Arabia has been highlighted as a noteworthy example of strategic philanthropy by a new report from the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. ‘Systems Change in …