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PEX-ed up!

Lev Fejes 27 January 2020

I am writing this blog post on the plane, during my flight back to Cluj from Madrid. The vibe of the first #PEXforum2020 is still fresh after three days. As this rarely happens, I would …

It is time to act. Together.

Ruth Williams 27 January 2020

The PEXForum 2020, the first of its kind, organised by AEF and DAFNE, brought together various European stakeholders from all over the world. It provided a unique space to create a European philanthropy identity as …

Audiatur et altera pars

Rupert Strachwitz 27 January 2020

At the PEXForum 2020, held in Madrid on 23-24 January, I was reminded of this old Roman saying, while thouroughly enjoying the informal and yet very concentrated and productive meeting of experts in philanthropy. I …

1350 words and nine concrete actions for a better future for foundations

Liisa Suvikumpu 27 January 2020

The way I take notes is deeply rooted. Therefore, in busy group work situations, I get anxious when I can’t tap all my thoughts on the computer. What happened in Madrid, however, was remarkable: although …

A sector of one’s own

Rucsandra Pop 26 January 2020

In 2017, our partners from Romanian-American Foundation asked me to write a text for their report under the theme: The Change Makers. I decided to write about a determinative experience I had, which led me …

A philanthropic coalition for climate emergency and social justice

Marie-Stéphane Maradeix 24 January 2020

This article was written for the European Foundation Centre as part of a specially commissioned blog series celebrating Its 30th anniversary. Click here to read more posts from some of the most influential thought-leaders on philanthropy discussing the past, present …

Assifero AGA and National Conference

Alliance magazine 21 January 2020

11th Annual Ariadne Meeting and Policy Briefing 2020

Alliance magazine 21 January 2020

Interview: Harriet Lamb, Ashden

Andrew Milner 21 January 2020 For Subscribers

How can a prize make a difference to an abiding problem like climate change? Harriet Lamb, CEO of Ashden Sustainable Solutions, Sustainable Lives explains to Andrew Milner how the Ashden Awards are not all about …

Laudes Foundation launches to address climate crises

Alliance magazine 21 January 2020

Laudes Foundation launches today with the aim to address the dual crises of climate breakdown and challenge industries to implement business practices that ‘regenerate and restore nature.’ The new foundation is a part of the …