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Towards a new kind of funding partnership

Rosa Bransky 28 November 2020

In the wholly uncertain context of 2020, the funding landscape for many has been turned on its head, forcing us to reevaluate our objectives, our methods, our relationships and our structures. The pandemic, and related …

Civil society fights back as smears and vilification intensify

Andrew Firmin and Ines Pousadela 27 November 2020

The pattern is now clear. In country after country, those who seek to limit rights attack civil society. Alongside tactics such as censorship and misuse of the criminal justice system, a weapon in growing favour …

Reflecting on 25 years of progress for gender equality – and how far there is to go

1 Carola Carazzone 25 November 2020

Twenty-five years ago, the World Conference on Women in Beijing adopted a Platform for Action that transformed national and international policies almost all over the world, recognizing that women’s rights are human rights. It impacted …

Repair, recycle, renovate?

Christian Hänel 25 November 2020

What Europe and the transatlantic relationship can expect from a United States with Joe Biden as President. An Irish-American Catholic speaking with the Pope ‘The President-elect expressed his desire to work together on the basis …

Lessons for successful feminist funding partnerships

Rosa Bransky 20 November 2020

While the Global Resilience Fund has been an experiment in rapidly resourcing feminist activists in responsive and participatory ways, it has also been an exercise in collaboration. The process of engaging a diverse group of …

Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation opens European headquarters in The Hague

Alliance magazine 18 November 2020

The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation opened its European headquarters recently with an office located in The Hague, Netherlands. The opening of the European office was accompanied by an announcement of an $80 million fund to …

Charities set up only for political campaigns a problem for Ukrainian foundation sector

Alliance magazine 14 November 2020

What are the scales of election charity? What consequences does election charity have on the general charity sector? These are questions that Ukraine’s Zagoriy Foundation is seeking to answer in a recently released report looking …

Making the funding process accessible: Global Resilience Fund reflects

2 Rosa Bransky 11 November 2020

So often in philanthropic practice values of solidarity, reciprocity and power sharing are pitted against notions of efficiency and scale. The Global Resilience Fund is an example to the sector of what we have always …

EFC Research Forum Conference 2021 – Trust in science in turbulent times

Alliance magazine 10 November 2020

EFC’s EuroPhilantopics

Alliance magazine 10 November 2020