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If data is 21st century oil, could foundations be the right owners?

Felix Oldenburg 10 August 2020

What are the best investments for a foundation? This important question is one many foundation professionals are revisiting in light of low interest rates, high market volatility, and fears of deep economic trouble ahead. While …

Achates Philanthropy Prize

Achates Philanthropy Prize reimagined for pandemic cirumstances

Alliance magazine 8 August 2020

The Achates Philanthropy Prize, a UK campaign to promote support of the arts, has been reimagined this year in light of the impact of COVID-19 on the creative sector. Unlike in previous years, this year …

Why the most difficult time for planning strategy may be the right time

Hannah Barker 5 August 2020

As we move into a new phase of the Covid-19 crisis, there is a need – and hopefully now some opportunity – for organisations across the social sector to step back, take stock and determine …

Together we can do it: The potential of philanthropy for the SDGs

Annette Kleinbrod and Martin Speer 3 August 2020

Crises and radical changes characterise this year. Many of us realise: we must work for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. What can foundations contribute? A new report from Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen (Federal Association …

Lloyds Bank Foundation launches £7.4 million COVID-19 grants programme for small and local charities

Alliance magazine 2 August 2020

As part of its COVID Recovery Fund, small and local charities that are helping people overcome complex social issues can now apply for two-year unrestricted grants of £50,000 with dedicated organisational development support from Lloyds …

Dismantling inequality must be part of the pandemic response

Regan Ralph 31 July 2020

As the novel coronavirus continues to surge across the globe, the international community is delivering trillions of dollars toward the fight against COVID-19, creating funds for pandemic response, and sponsoring new initiatives to tackle the …

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation awards Prize for Humanity to Greta Thunberg

Alliance magazine 23 July 2020

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has awarded climate advocate Greta Thunberg the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity, a €1 million prize to reward outstanding work in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Thunberg has announced she will be …

EFC AGA & Conference 2021

Alliance magazine 22 July 2020

IFC 2020: Accelerating Change

Alliance magazine 22 July 2020

ACF Annual Conference

Alliance magazine 22 July 2020