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Anniversary celebrations: an opportunity for experimentation and reflection

Sufina Ahmad 17 January 2022

Celebrating significant milestones in an organisation’s existence can easily become an exercise in self-indulgent and self-aggrandising behaviour. In 2021, Alliance magazine demonstrated through celebrations of its 25th anniversary that this need not be the case. …

Ideas at Ford featuring Emily Ladau

Alliance magazine 13 January 2022

Philea Research Forum Conference 2022 – Foundations, science and equality – what are the key elements for success?

Alliance magazine 13 January 2022

International Conference on the Research on Philanthropy

Alliance magazine 13 January 2022

Winter Meeting 2022 – Building Resilience, Thriving in Uncertainty: The Role of Infrastructure Organisations

Alliance magazine 13 January 2022

Philea Data Science Talks – Data Trust Projects

Alliance magazine 13 January 2022

SDG Learning Community For Community Foundations – Local Government Collaboration

Alliance magazine 13 January 2022

How can data enhance your work? Free, online workshop for funded organisations

Alliance magazine 13 January 2022

Resourcing for incarcerated women and girls ‘desperately underfunded’

Alliance magazine 12 January 2022

Even donors that identify as women’s rights or feminist funders aren’t resourcing incarcerated women and girls. That is one of the bleak findings of Forgotten by Funders, a report from the movement-building platform Women Beyond …

A decolonial journey in philanthropy

Marga Morales and Fiona Montagud 10 January 2022

At the end of 2019, we started to seriously think about power relations existing in our work, both in our relationship with our grantees and inside the team. Some criticisms of migrant and racialized women …