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New online hub to help funders better support Native communities

Alliance magazine 12 September 2019

Native Americans in Philanthropy and Candid have launched a first of its kind website, Investing in Native Communities, to encourage greater philanthropic funding and support to Native communities in the US. The free site, will …

South Asian Americans in philanthropy urge Gates Foundation to rescind award for Modi

Alliance magazine 12 September 2019

South Asian Americans and allies in philanthropy have called on the Gates Foundation to withdraw their award for MP Narendra Modi, stating the decision to honour him amid heightened levels of violence, exclusion, and discrimination …

Upswell Chicago

Alliance magazine 12 September 2019

Philanthropy’s social compact in a changing world

Olga Tarasov 12 September 2019

Trust in philanthropy is eroding. Widening inequality is contributing to public fears and anxiety about the roles various types of institutions play in public life—be they philanthropy, government, business, or academia. For the philanthropic sector …

Jeffrey Epstein: Joi Ito leaves Board roles at MacArthur Foundation, Knight Foundation

1 Alliance magazine 9 September 2019

Two of the US’s largest liberal foundations, MacArthur Foundation and Knight Foundation, are facing scrutiny following the sudden resignation of Joi Ito from their respective boards. Ito’s handling of donations to the MIT Media Lab …

Jeffrey Epstein: Bill Gates faces questions over MIT donations and private jet flight

Alliance magazine 9 September 2019

The New Yorker has reported that the director of the MIT’s Media Lab, Joi Ito, handled up to $7.5 million of off-the-books donations directed by Jeffrey Epsetin’s including $2 million from Bill Gates. Ito resigned …

2020 Collective Impact Convening

Alliance magazine 9 September 2019

Major US funders agree to address chronic underfunding of their grantees

Alliance magazine 6 September 2019

The presidents of the Ford, Hewlett, MacArthur, Open Society, and Packard foundations have agreed to experiment with new practices to alleviate the chronic underfunding of their grantees.  Led by presidents of the Ford, Hewlett, MacArthur, …

Mr Five Per Cent: The many lives of Calouste Gulbenkian, the world’s richest man

David Cutler 3 September 2019 For Subscribers

Reviewed by David Cutler, Baring Foundation ‘Any man who dies rich, dies disgraced’ wrote Andrew Carnegie. So what are we to make of Calouste Gulbenkian who died in 1955 worth roughly £5 billion in today’s …

Democracy calling: Interview with Hans Schöpflin and Tim Göbel

Charles Keidan 3 September 2019 For Subscribers

Two key influences on the philanthropy of Hans Schöpflin, co-founder of the Schöpflin Foundation, have been his experience of living in the US and, more importantly, the death of his son from a heroin overdose. …