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A new year and a new day: making progress during extraordinary times

Charlotte Pera 24 January 2021

This week, as the U.S. inaugurated President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, we approach 2021 with renewed hope. This fresh start – driven by years of collective …

What big liberal philanthropy can no longer afford to ignore

Eric K. Ward 20 January 2021

How will big liberal philanthropy react to the 6 January attack on the U.S. Capitol? The following day Ryan Schlegel of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy tweeted, ‘My money is on ‘stunned silence’ then …

Philanthropy and networks: opening the black box

Kerstin Tebbe 17 January 2021

Networks matter to philanthropy. Philanthropy is often about solving hard, complex problems – and so are networks. Funders work with and through networks because they can solve these problems by providing fit-for-purpose models and approaches. …

ClimateWorks Foundation appoints Monica Araya as distinguished fellow

Alliance magazine 16 January 2021

Electric mobility expert and advocate Monica Araya has been appointed a ClimateWorks Distinguished Fellow. In her new role, Araya will partner with the leading climate intermediary’s transportation team to help accelerate the shift towards 100 …

What Donors Want – Exploring politics and philanthropy with David Simas, CEO of the Obama Foundation

Rachel Stephenson Sheff 15 January 2021

Podcast listeners – a new episode of What Donors Want is out! We had the honour of speaking with David Simas, CEO of the Obama Foundation. If you haven’t tuned in, What Donors Want is a podcast …

Over 150 funders condemn American political violence in open letter

Alliance magazine 12 January 2021

Following the political violence in the United States Capitol building, over 150 philanthropic foundations and institutions have signed a statement condemning the rioting and calling on leader to protect democracy and ‘get back to the …

Collaboration and community in the fight against climate change

Dory Trimble and Laura García 11 January 2021

The Honnold Foundation (HF) and Global Greengrants Fund are both fighting climate change at the grassroots level. We fuel climate movements built and mobilised by community leaders worldwide, directly supporting the people at the frontlines …

Family Office Winter Forum Virtual

Alliance magazine 8 January 2021

Public Funds Summit Virtual 2021

Alliance magazine 8 January 2021

30 lessons in pursuit of deep social impact: finding vision, refining focus, and determining goals

Leslie Pine 5 January 2021

When TPI celebrated its 30th anniversary, we shared 30 lessons learned through our three decades of working with ambitious, thoughtful, and creative donors to increase the impact of their philanthropy. To help guide those looking to achieve deep social impact …