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Lessons from COP27: How to make a difference

Sponsored by Mercer 6 December 2022

Tackling the impact of climate change remains a key topic of discussion within asset managers, but research shows more needs to be done to put ambition into action The agenda at the 27th United Nations …

Reimagining how we see ourselves: decolonisation and the arts

Alison Guzmán 1 December 2022

What is the role of art and cultural heritage when it comes to decolonizing philanthropy? Why is it important to freely access our cultural patrimony in these changing times? The public is increasingly learning online …

The Nonprofit Marketing Summit: The Big Innovation

Alliance magazine 24 November 2022

Cause Camp – Nonprofit Conference 2023

Alliance magazine 24 November 2022

18th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference

Alliance magazine 24 November 2022

Conference on Diverse Philanthropy and Leadership

Alliance magazine 24 November 2022

CEP 2023

Alliance magazine 22 November 2022

How philanthropy can balance trust, risk, and learning to catalyze innovation

Savanna Ferguson 18 November 2022

Why one organization is taking a leadership-focused and flexible-grantmaking to climate mitigation work – and what others can learn from it. Philanthropy is sometimes an odd pursuit. Borne most often from the fortunes of individuals …

Effectively over: What Does Sam Bankman-Fried’s downfall mean for philanthropy and Effective Altruism?

1 Rhodri Davies 15 November 2022

Last week offered a rare opportunity to watch one of the world’s biggest philanthropists self-combust in real time. The spectacular downfall of crypto-billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried (commonly known as SBF) and his cryptocurrency exchange FTX resulted …

Pandemics are Chronic: A Conversation with HIV and Disability Funders on Covid & Long Covid

Alliance magazine 10 November 2022