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Below you can find information about upcoming issues including special features and guest editors:

September 2020: Investments: philanthropy in the balance

The sharp division between how philanthropic money is generated and how is it is distributed is facing increasing scrutiny. While foundations typically define themselves by their grantmaking, these grants account for only a small proportion of the total assets. How should foundation assets most effectively contribute to public good? At a time of heightened need caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, guest-editor Danielle Walker Palmour of the Friends Provident Foundation explores whether philanthropy’s established norms and orthodoxies are about to change.

December 2020: Global health philanthropy

Our December issue will provide a global view of the global health philanthropy landscape at a time of heightened sector and public interest as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. It will look at the role which philanthropy has played in areas such as vaccine research and provision of medical equipment, its engagement with governments and global health bodies and its work to address the social and economic impact experienced by the most marginalised groups worldwide. This issue is being guest edited by Julia Greenberg,  Director, Governance and Financing, Public Health program, Open Society Foundations and Aggrey Aluso, Manager of Health and Rights Program, Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa.

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