Forward features

Below you can find information about upcoming issues of Alliance including special features and guest editors.

December 2018: Royal philanthropy (Guest editors, Leonard Stall and Joanna Bladd)

From the Gulf to the Commonwealth and beyond, members of royal families are credited with promoting social welfare and well-being, as well as drawing attention and resources to neglected causes. As the scale and visibility of royal philanthropy increases, this special feature, guest edited by Philanthropy Age’s Leonard Stall and Joanne Bladd, will illuminate the nature, impact and limits of royal philanthropy worldwide.

March 2019: Systems Change (Guest editor, Julian Corner)

There is growing appreciation in the philanthropy field of the complexity and inter-connectedness of many of the issues on which we focus. This is leading a growing number of foundations to seek change at the level of whole systems rather than individual organisations or interventions. This special issue aims to share a vision of best practice, illuminate emerging approaches and methods, and debate the inherent tensions and potential pitfalls.

Other special features in the pipeline:

  • Human rights philanthropy
  • Women and girls
  • Social movements
  • Peace