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March 2022: Mental health philanthropy

This issue of Alliance will explore the present state of philanthropy for mental health (who is doing what and where the gaps are), the intersections with other issues, the factors which have limited mental health philanthropy and the steps that are needed to bring philanthropists together to make common cause in the area. Guest edited by Krystian Seibert, Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne University Australia and chair, Mental Health First Aid, Australia.

June 2022: Learning from failure

Admitting failures and learning from them contributes to better implementation, strategic innovation and improved governance and transparency. Yet many foundation boards and staff find it difficult to have conversations about mistakes. This issue of Alliance will explore some of these questions with people and organisations who have taken ownership of their failures and have set out to change not only their practice but also their outlook. Guest edited by Donika Dimovska, Chief Knowledge Officer, the Jacobs Foundation, Switzerland.

On the way:

  • September 2022: Decolonising philanthropy
  • December 2022: TBC

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