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Below you can find information about upcoming issues of Alliance including special features and guest editors:

December 2019: Feminist philanthropy
Debates about power, diversity and equality, and social movements like #MeToo are focusing attention on philanthropy’s role in mainstreaming gender issues, supporting women’s rights and the representation of women in philanthropy itself. This special feature will examine the sector’s commitment to gender equality and the coherence, impact and potential of philanthropic support for women’s rights around the world.
Guest edited by Ise Bosch of Dreilinden and Ndana Bofu-Tawamba of Urgent Action Fund Africa.

March 2020: Indigenous philanthropy
Indigenous Peoples are invaluable partners in solving many of today’s complex problems, such as climate change, biodiversity preservation, and sustainable management of natural resources. Its Peoples constitute the world’s largest minority encompassing more than 370 million people in over 90 countries – almost 5% of the global population. Indigenous territories cover almost a quarter of the world’s land surface and 80 per cent of the earth’s global biodiversity. As the philanthropy world begins to recognise that support and funding for self-determination efforts led by Indigenous Peoples are critical, this ground-breaking special feature will discuss effective ways to partner with Indigenous Peoples and place Indigenous values at the heart of philanthropic practice.
Guest Edited by Mónica Alemán (Miskito) of the Ford Foundation and Manaia King (Maori) of the J R McKenzie Trust.

Features in the pipeline:

  • Social movements
  • Foundation investments