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Every edition of Alliance magazine includes our 30 page special feature looking in-depth at a pressing issue in philanthropy.

June 2023: New giving vehicles and tools

New giving vehicles and tools have proliferated in recent years with the conventional foundation model being supplemented by the growth of donor advised funds, limited liability companies and personalised giving services. At the same time, technology is providing more direct means of fundraising and giving and bringing in new people as donors and beneficiaries. What are the implications of these changes and what lies behind them? Is the conventional foundation model being supplanted? Evidence would suggest not yet, as their numbers are growing round the world alongside the newer vehicles, but what, if any, have been the effects of new vehicles on institutional philanthropy? Are new means of individual giving like crowdfunding transcending donor-grantee divides and producing a move towards greater democracy in philanthropy? This special feature will explore the nature and effects of these new dynamics and the implications for institutional philanthropy.

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September 2023: Translating SDG language into local dialects

The SDGs are the international community’s flagship for social, economic and environmental welfare? If they are to mean anything and if the world is to come anywhere near achieving them, they must meet the real needs of communities in all countries. How effectively is this being done, what are the challenges and what is the role of philanthropy?

Guest editors: Emilia Paz and Rodrigo Villar of CEFIS (Centro de Filantropia y Inversiones Sociales), Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Chile

December 2023: Philanthropy and politics – blurred lines

There is a long-running debate about the relationship between philanthropy and politics. Traditional received wisdom is that philanthropists should steer clear of politics, but there is a growing view that the two are inseparable and that philanthropy both can and should take a political position. On the other side, there are concerns that, through philanthropy, publicly unaccountable forces are exerting an undue influence on public decision-making. What form should the relationship take and where should the limits lie? This special feature will explore some of these questions.

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