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WINGS Forum 2020: Focus not only on sharing generosity, but sharing power

Elika Roohi 26 November 2020

The 2020 annual WINGS forum was meant to happen in Nairobi, a celebration of the organisation’s 20th anniversary with their first conference in Africa. Of course, this year made other plans – so this week …

Australian Philanthropy Awards recognise excellence and innovation

Alliance magazine 24 November 2020

The recipients of the sixth annual Australian Philanthropy Awards have been announced, recognising excellence and innovation in the sector ‘at the end of a complex and challenging year’. Following a record number of nominations, Awards …

Covid-19 and the unfinished funding agenda in Southeast Asia

Rosalia Sciortino 19 November 2020

Since the beginning of the pandemic, philanthropists and private foundations have invested their resources to control the Covid-19 epidemic and ameliorate its impacts. The reactions have varied from admiration for the ‘generosity’ and social commitment …

Systems thinking can support research translation and crossing the ‘valley of death’

Noel Chambers 16 November 2020

Funders of health and medical research play a unique and important role. Beyond supporting individual projects and striving to achieve their purpose, funders can collectively influence culture and systems. At the researcher level, emphasis is …

Ashoka Changemaker Summit

Alliance magazine 10 November 2020

Social Innovation Summit 2020

Alliance magazine 10 November 2020

How belief systems propel philanthropic innovations in Asia

Denderah Rickmers and Amanda Kee 9 November 2020

Around the world, humanity is drawing on beliefs – religious, social, or cultural values – to guide us through what has been called ‘the new normal.’ This is particularly relevant in Asia, where at least 60 …

Solutions for feeding minds

Ramesh Sachdev 29 October 2020

The first step in solving a major problem is getting the right people to pay attention. I was impressed by just how well Marcus Rashford MBE has done this for child food poverty in the …

The Neutrality Paradox and the shift from guilty capitalism

Anshulika Dubey 28 October 2020

Much of the conversation around the platform ‘Neutrality Paradox’ has focused on non-profit platforms. But what are the considerations for for-profit platforms, especially the ones at the convergence of technology, media and philanthropy? Can and …

The future of philanthropy: A view from Russia

Alexey Kuzmin 19 October 2020

The Center for Philanthropy Development’s paper on the future of philanthropy attempts to produce a credible forecast of that future by documenting key current trends. The study was based on an in-depth literature review which …