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Asia and the Pacific

A moment between then and now

Ruth Richardson 30 November 2021

We must take the opportunity offered by events to reconfigure the world’s food systems – and that involves seeing them as systems When we first sat down to conceptualise this issue, we thought about the …

Peer Dialogue: Food security, climate change and pandemia

Ruth Richardson, Zulfiquar Haider and Vijay Thallam 30 November 2021 For Subscribers

Climate change and the pandemic have brought deficiencies in food systems into stark focus. ‘Natural farming’ offers one possibility for much-needed change. Guest editor Ruth Richardson talks with Vijay Thallam of the Andhra Pradesh Community-managed …

AVPN Global Conference 2022

Alliance magazine 24 November 2021

Corporate giving in Pakistan increased by 15% during pandemic, finds report

Alliance magazine 22 November 2021

A new report from the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy found that between 2019-20, donations from the corporate sector increased by 15 per cent on the previous year, amounting to a sum of almost $94 million. …

Alliance webinar: The future of philanthropy in Asia

Annmarie McQueen 16 November 2021

Change is inevitable, but what forms will it take? Asian philanthropists pivoted almost immediately to tackle the first wave of the pandemic, reflecting the flexible, innovative and catalytic nature of philanthropy. As funders rise to …

$3m from philanthropy to kickstart loss & damage funding at COP26; public funds don’t follow

Alliance magazine 15 November 2021

Leading climate funders, including the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), the European Climate Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the Open Society Foundations, and the Global Greengrants Fund, have committed an initial $3 million in start-up assistance …

How philanthropy can help to reimagine a better world rooted in justice, solidarity, and community

Nina Blackwell 14 November 2021

Over the past 18 months, many funders (philanthropic and otherwise) – struck by the realization that so many of our global development gains were tenuous and reliant upon outside INGO actors – have increasingly sought …

AVPN’s Korea-focused Digital Transformation Fund gets $1m grant from

Alliance magazine 12 November 2021, the charitable arm of Google, has donated $1 million to the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network’s (AVPN) Digital Transformation Fund, which will aim to help underserved and impacted communities in Korea. The fund will go …

Major foundations, western nations pledge $1.7bn for Indigenous communities to protect forests

1 Elika Roohi 3 November 2021

GLASGOW – An alliance of 17 major climate foundations, alongside the UK, US, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands, have pledged to invest $1.7 billion to help Indigenous and local communities to protect tropical forests. Among …

The future of feminist philanthropy

Alliance magazine 2 November 2021 For Subscribers

The Urgent Action Funds are a global consortium of feminist funds that provide support for women and LBTQI+ human rights defenders across the globe. Through their four Sister Funds, they collectively support feminist activism in …