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Alliance poll: philanthropy to experience Asian boom

Elika Roohi and Charles Keidan 6 September 2021

Philanthropy is primed for explosive growth across Asia, respondents to an Alliance survey published in the magazine’s special 100th issue have predicted. Almost half of the respondents forecast that Asia will see the most growth …

Understanding the Sustainable Investing and ESG Practices Among Financial Industry Players

Alliance magazine 3 September 2021

Proximity as a value: Grassroots leaders as intellectual partners

1 Shubha Chacko 1 September 2021

This article is part of a series of articles about Community-Led Philanthropy, co-hosted by GlobalGiving. The conversation explores the ways philanthropy can support community-led change.  The instrumentalist approach often adopted by governmental agencies, INGOs, and NGOs to grassroots organisations …

25th anniversary reader survey

Elika Roohi and Charles Keidan 31 August 2021 For Subscribers

Alliance survey exclusive: Gates and Ford top perceptions of the foundations with the most positive impact worldwide Worldwide survey of Alliance readers identifies the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Ford Foundation as having the …

Experience is a profound teacher

Alliance magazine 31 August 2021 For Subscribers

Reflections from a diverse group of celebrated philanthropy practitioners on the key lessons learned from the past 25 years working in the sector Blurred lines of profit and not-for-profit Atallah Kuttab, founder SAANED for Philanthropy …

The explosion of online giving

Ingrid Srinath 31 August 2021 For Subscribers

Although online giving may have proliferated hugely already, its true potential lies in the years ahead When Alliance magazine ran its first feature article on e-philanthropy on 1 September 2001, it could not have anticipated …

The maturing of Chinese giving

Tao Ze 31 August 2021 For Subscribers

Over the last quarter century, China’s philanthropy ecosystem has become more transparent, diverse and digitalised In 1996, there were about 200,000 non-profit organisations (NPOs) registered in China which raised half a billion dollars in annual …

Where will the focus fall?

Alliance magazine 31 August 2021 For Subscribers

Philanthropists and practitioners, some of whom were starting out at the same time as Alliance was commencing its own 25-year journey, tell Andrew Milner where they are hoping the philanthropic spotlight will shine during the …

Meet the philennials

Alliance magazine 31 August 2021 For Subscribers

A dedicated group of philanthropy practitioners born in the same year as Alliance was launched share their hopes for a better world An anniversary issue of Alliance magazine would not be complete without hearing the …

In Himalayan region, conflict costs heavy on climate change

1 Bilal Ahmad Pandow 28 August 2021

It has been over two years since the government of India has made legislative changes in Jammu and Kashmir, clamming it to be an internal matter, however, Pakistan and China have reacted sharply to the …