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New report: Funders important when translating health, medical research into practice

Alliance magazine 12 August 2020

Australia’s National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation (NFMRI) has released a new report exploring how best to put health and medical research into practice. Titled From evidence to practice: Exploring translation pathways for clinical …

How to enhance collaboration on environmental sustainability in China

Bowen Zhang 6 August 2020

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis that has reminded everyone of the fragile interconnectivity between human beings and the ecosystem, China is showing greater willingness to prioritise environmental protection. Beijing’s latest environmental guideline issued …

The Balnaves Foundation pledges $420,000 to arts reporting project with Guardian Australia

Elika Roohi 29 July 2020

The Balnaves Foundation has announced an AUD$420,000 (USD$302,000) grant over three years to the Guardian Civic Journalism Trust, which will allow Guardian Australia to commence an in-depth arts reporting project and educational outcomes for University …

The rise of Chinese tech philanthropy: Domestic and international development

1 Farwa Sial 28 July 2020

More than in any other country, China demonstrates how philanthropy surfaces, when billionaires exist. Since the opening up of the Chinese economy in the 1980s, the country has become home to some of the wealthiest …

Funders, it’s time to prioritise flexibility and trust

1 Kulsoom Khan 25 July 2020

As countries around the world begin preparing for the long-term consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic recession, local grassroots organisations are stepping in to fill gaps where government response has fallen short. …

Fund resilience: Create systemic change by working at the nexus of climate and gender

Prachi Seth 23 July 2020

COVID-19 has made very visible how climate change will affect us all on a global scale, which has stirred renewed energy to ‘build back better’ through climate resiliency. Some of us, however, will be harder …

Philanthropy Australia National Conference 2021

Alliance magazine 22 July 2020

POSTPONED UNTIL 2021: Philanthropy Australia’s National Conference

Alliance magazine 22 July 2020

Riding the impact wave: The brave new world

Farahnaz Karim 20 July 2020

In this uncertain era, many are re-imagining and preparing for a Brave New World. A world where profit is inextricably linked to people and the planet; a world where disciplines such as economics and accounting …

Doing Good Index 2020 shows how Asia can maximise doing good in a post-Covid world

Ruth Shapiro 6 July 2020

Famous American politician Tip O’Neil once said that ‘all politics is local’. These days, philanthropy is local as well. Of course, not all philanthropy has localised, but even prior to COVID-19, we saw trends toward …