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Interview: Belinda Tanoto of the Tanoto Foundation

Andrew Milner and Belinda Tanoto 6 December 2022 For Subscribers

While Indonesia regularly tops the rankings for individual giving, private endowed foundations are comparatively rare. The Tanoto Foundation is one such. Belinda Tanoto, daughter of the founder and member of the foundation’s Board of Trustees, …

The ever-widening safety net – Tewa women’s fund

Rita Thapa and Urmila Shrestha 6 December 2022 For Subscribers

Since before the start of the millennium, Tewa women’s fund has been working among other things to offset the effects of repeated crises that have afflicted Nepal. In this work, relationships with its donors and …

Endowments and foundations embrace ESG investing

Sponsored by Mercer and Mark Longbottom 3 December 2022

But not-for-profit investors face a range of additional considerations For trustees of endowments and foundations, constructing a portfolio that delivers on objectives while enduring the ups and downs of financial markets is a task requiring …

Investing in innovation is worth the risk

Katie Carrasco 29 November 2022

The theme that stayed with me following this year’s Asia Philanthropy Congress was that of innovation’s pivotal role in driving development in Asia. Asia has two thirds of the world’s poor and solutions to, for …

Asia Philanthropy Congress: a space to explore the future of the region’s giving amid rapid growth

Elika Roohi 29 November 2022

A new space for philanthropy across Asia to gather – the first Asia Philanthropy Congress took place in Tokyo, Japan, on 19 November 2022 bringing together philanthropists, NGO leaders, practitioners, and others interested in what …

Seven years of CSR in India – disruptive yet evolutionary

Srikrishna Sridhar Murthy 28 November 2022

The CSR law in India has seen not only an increase in corporate giving but development in the strategic deployment of that giving It has been seven years since a corporate social responsibility (CSR) law …

Fortify young minds; invest in youth mental health

Theodoros Chronopoulos 25 November 2022

Mental health is just as important as physical health. But it’s rarely treated that way. Particularly for young people – who are in a crucial state of emotional, social, and physical development, and who are …

Investing in High Quality Nature-Based Solutions Projects in Asia

Alliance magazine 24 November 2022

The Business Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals Forum

Alliance magazine 24 November 2022

Flood relief and beyond: how to build and sustain communities amid a deepening climate crisis

1 Murtaza Hashwani 24 November 2022

Geo-political issues, rise in commodity and energy prices, exacerbating debt problems and finally the devastation of floods – the people in Pakistan have had their share of crises. Lack of infrastructure has left a large …